Now that you have a twitter business account, you must be contemplating on the best way to market your business on this social media platform. Among the best ways to promote your business is automatic retweet, but here are the options.

Promoted Accounts

Promoted accounts allow the user to promote their account to only the people who match their demographics. Using this type of promotion method allows you to build users who have an interest in your business. However, this promotion method is limited to only the users who match your specifications. This makes auto retweet a better strategy.

Promoted Tweets

This advertisement method allows the user to highlight a certain status update and generate more exposure for it. It is considered to be a superior method, as compared to promoted accounts, because they will highlight your business status updates and expose them throughout the social media platform.

These are some of the methods that you may use to effectively advertise your business on Twitter. Coupling the methods with automatic retweets will make them even more superior.