News 11:07 July 2018:

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Unlike other music sharing websites, soundcloud allows its users to share their tracks to specific groups of members. Prior to sharing your track, you will need to join the group your are targeting with your track after which you should click on “Add to group” tab, which is located under the waveform of the track on the website. While this form of sharing is among the recommended ways of getting more soundcloud followers, you may also consider purchasing soundcloud likes to achieve the same in a shorter period.

Clicking on the “Add to group” option on the website displays all the groups you are a member to. You can then share your track to the group you feel will have a greater responsive rate to your track by clicking on the “Add to group” option on the right side of each group displayed.  After this, the button will change to ‘Added’, which is a confirmation that your track has been shared.

Targeting a sound cloud group that is most likely interested in the type of tracks you are sharing guaranteed an artist a greater following and an increased number of likes on the track. While this is the case, the response may turn out to be too slow. As such, you should consider purchasing soundcloud followers.