News 11:07 July 2018:

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A good number of you will agree with me that they would give anything to become very famous on social media right? Well, as the wise men once said; if you want it, you have got to work hard for it. That said, it only leaves one contemplating that fame does not come easily on a silver platter and one has to work for it by all means. Being famous on social media does not take place in a day or two or even a month. It takes quite a longer period of time and it is indeed a gradual process that one has to embrace with utmost patience and commitment as well if you are actually bound to realize your fame on social media.

Perhaps one of the easier ways you can adopt in proliferating more twitter likes and followers is by posting posts that are very catchy, appealing and in most cases, preferably very funny. These are just some of the things that people click the like button and the follow button. In so doing, if you continue this for quite some time, you will be surprised how effective it works as you will note that most of your subsequent posts will go viral and trend on twitter with a good number of twitter likes and also retweets and within no time, you will become famous.