News 11:07 July 2018:

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            When using social networking sites such as instagram, some individuals enjoy having only close family and friends following their photos. Individuals who post pictures of their children or photos from within their home may want the ability to show their posts off to a select few but also want the privacy to make them public. Those individuals can easily set their account to private and keep their posted photos within view of only a select few. Other people however, especially those looking to gain popularity or engage in social media marketing, need to and benefit from having as many followers as they can. Their accounts are set to public, and they engage themselves in as many methods of increasing their followers as they can. The greater the following, the farther their message is spread, and that can be a very important form of advertisement.

            Many sites offer services, both one time or reoccuring, where individuals can free instagram followers  in different quantities for various prices. Why would one wish to spend money on such a thing? The answer is simple – there are many advantages to having a large base of followers on Instagram. One key to gaining followers is to have followers. The more followers one has the more others become curious as to what all the fuss is about and join in to find out. Followers gain momentum like a snowball rolling downhill, gaining mass as it goes.

If one is using instagram to promote their business, the growth of a customer base is often a direct result of an increase in those following the posts via instagram. Photos posted can be as simple as a sign showing an upcoming sale, or even a coupon. Businesses that provide physical services such as landscapers or hairdressers can provide photographic demonstrations to all that follow as to their skill. In businesses such as this there is often no better way to encourage new consumers to use their services. For those businesses which are offering physical products for sale posting photos of their products can have great results in increasing sales if the business has enough followers.

It is not only businesses that desire a lot of popularity. Many individual people using instagram want to have big followings. For some it is a matter of gaining attention. Others hope to gain their 15 minutes of fame, hoping their posts may go viral. Some people just enjoy the challenge of gaining as many followers as possible. Regardless of the the reason, increasing followers is the goal of many Instagram users and will continue to be while Instagram remains to be such a popular social networking site.